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Isn’t it wonderful that Photographs have evolved?


Having a look back at the sixties and thinking to ourselves, how much longer did it take for the Wedding photographers to develop those beautiful photographs in the dark rooms?

Wedding Photography has evolved so much over the decades. 

Digital cameras are the new thing and have made our work that much easier with editing software, such as Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. We are pretty sure that photographers take advantage of all the tools at their disposal today. 

In the olden days, Photographers had to make use of filters and make sure that they caught that moment clearly and beautifully so that when they went in for development that they turned out perfect and dispose of all the inadequate ones. 

These days, Photographers just upload their photos into the relevant software and delete all the unnecessary ones. 

Please don’t get us wrong, our work is harder than it was ever before and that is not due to the editing and transformation of photographs but because of the high demand for brilliance and the abundance of Photographers out there, that your work needs to stand out otherwise it will go unnoticed. 

We decided to give you a flashback down memory lane and showcase a little of the old and some of our own…

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