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Wedding Photography isn’t just about getting the perfect picture, it’s also about achieving the greatest love story….

We are all about documentary, from preparations to reception.

   No love story is the same, and we love that about weddings. Each wedding has it’s own story to tell, every couple is different and unique.   
There is beautiful inspiration all around us, the most beautiful of them all is when you witness two people falling in love. 
 From our experience the best time of the day for absolutely stunning photos is Golden Hour, that is when the sun is starting to set, sunrays shinning through the trees, golden glow on the surrounding scenery, sunlight lightly kisses your skin and creates warmth and emotions.
Staying true to who you are, and having fun with your photographer when they are capturing these moments make for the most beautiful moments and the best kind of photographs. 

Each wedding we do reminds us that happily-ever-after really does exists.


When do you typically start on a wedding day?

We typically start around 2 hours before the ceremony, however we will chat before your wedding day to figure out the best schedule for how you want your day documented.

If we want to add more time at the Wedding, can we do this? 

Yes no problem, You can have a chat with the Photographer or the Videographer about additional time on the wedding day.

Can we have the RAW photos?

While we fully understand the question, this is a little like going to a restaurant and asking for a raw chicken. It isn’t the finished product. In the same manner, while we shoot in a raw format, we edit each image so that everything looks beautiful and cohesive when you receive your final edited photographs.

How would you best describe your style? 

In essence, I don’t dictate or direct but instead observe to discreetly cover events as they happen. I photograph your day as it naturally unfolds, capturing real moments and creating a timeless record of your day.

How long after the wedding will the photographs be ready? 

Your images are ready within 6 to 8 weeks following the wedding. I always aim to try and deliver them sooner than this if possible.

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